Inspired by ongoing discussions on LM_Net, Eva Perry’s Mock Newbery Club Blog and my personal passion for global learning, we’ve created a Global Mock Newbery Blog where kids from all over the world can share their thoughts about the current year’s best books!

I’ve included titles for 2014 that everyone seems to be talking about on Twitter, blogs and Goodreads, but please if you think I missed a must include title send me an e-mail at debschi@gmail.com, and I’ll add it! (I Would love for students to pick titles in the future, but for the sake of timing and planning purposes, I though it would be easier to create a list at the start).

My name is Deb Schiano and I’m a teacher-librarian in a grades 5 & 6 middle school in Northern NJ. I absolutely love to learn and so hope my students see that as a good thing and want to feel the same way! I want all kids to know that their voice matters and that they make a difference.

Please feel free to e-mail me at debschi@gmail.com with any questions or ideas on how I might improve this platform for learning! I’m @debschi on Twitter too.

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