When do we find out which book and author wins the Global Mock Newbery?

The Official Newbery Award winners are announced yearly during the American Library Association’s Midwinter Conference. The conference this year takes place from January 24-28, 2014. Because I especially like something to look forward to on hump days, we will calculate and post this year’s Global Mock Newbery winners on Wednesday, January 22, 2014.

Do I have to read all the titles to participate?

Absolutely not! Start with one, add your comment, vote and if you’d like, read another..and so on!

Will my comment’s be published?

Yes! Be proud of your words and share them with the world! Do remember to be Netiquette wise and follow the expectations for responsible blogging found here Comments on Comments

Can I comment on someone else’s comment?

Sure! Just remember to be Netiquette wise!

How do you buy multiple copies of each book for your library? 

We have 35 Nooks that we use for our Nerdy Nook Book Club and this year the Gobal Read Aloud. We purchased 3 Nook book copies of each title and spread them amongst our Nooks. Hopefully students will make plans to trade Nooks with other book club members as they finish.




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